Here is a selection of activites from our outdoor program, taking place in the near future.

Jan 2018
Fri~26~--~Mon~29 Jan~2018All GradesBUSHWALK OR MOUNTAIN BIKE TO DERSCHKOS HUTWalk/MTBWalk or ride into Derschkos Hut located 16km from the Round Mountain carpark in the northern end of the Kosciuszko national park in the Snowy Mountains. I am SPAN's hut maintenance officer (for Kosciuszko Huts Association) which means we will be able to take a limited number of 4WD vehicles into the hut & spend 4 days in the area (vehicles will not go beyond this point). From here it will be possible to walk or mountain bike ride to other locations like Mt Jagungal (2061m high), Grey Mare, O'Keefe's & Cesjack huts. These are all quite remote areas so having the luxury of gear transported into the area is a rare opportunity, the activity grade is as easy or hard as you want to make it! Some assistance with maintenance appreciated but not essential, all tools & materials supplied. For further information & maps showing the Derschkos area refer to - The Huts - Derschkos hut
Wed~31~Jan~--~Sat~10~Feb 20182BFrom Derschkos Hut to Grey Mare Range,-Jagungal-and beyond.Extended overnight bushwalk Jan 31-Feb 10 A bushwalk in the Grey Mare Range area observing Australian High country Raptors (birds of prey) TBC More details to follow in Jan 2018 From Derschkos Hut to Grey Mare Range,-Jagungal-and beyond. 2B – Extended overnight bushwalk Raptor Quest. Australian High country Raptors. Explore off-track Grey Mare Range and other exposed locations to hopefully observe Raptors in action. Contact: Andrew Stanger
Feb 2018
Sun~18~--~Sun~25 Feb~2018All gradesBruksvallarna, SwedenVariousYou’ve seen the pictures, you’ve read the stories, now live the dream! Come join Anne Mackenzie and Rosemary Rayfuse for a week of Nordic skiing in Bruksvallarna Sweden: classic, skating, off track, downhill, BXC and Alpine touring all available. This will be a hotel based week normally with half board. Self catering cottages and apartments may also be available. Costs will depend on your personal accommodation and travel options. For info see Accommodation: Hotel Bruksvallsliden. Book yourself via Alternately see: For information on getting there:
Jan 2019
Tue~1~Jan~--~Thu~28~Feb 2019variableIndia SkiingskiingDates: TBC in January and/or February 2019. Where: Gulmarg (Kashmir), Auli (Uttarakhand), maybe Kullu Valley (Himachal Pradesh). Gulmarg is India's best ski resort, and extends from ~2800m at the base to ~4000m at the top; it's often possible to ski below 2800m, to Tangmarg. It's not far from Srinagar. Auli is near Nanda Devi, India's highest peak. Photos taken from Auli look amazing. It's near Joshimath, a bit past Rishikesh, allegedly the world yoga capital where the Beatles resided with the Maharishi decades ago. There are "ski courses" at Auli which include accommodation and full board for a very reasonable price. The Kullu has a ski touring guidebook written by Australian expat CR Spooner, and there are huge areas where ski touring could be done. Note that the skiing is above ~3200m, up to about 4500m or so. Acclimatisation to altitude is imperative, and the terrain is not flat(!). There's also a small resort at Solang. The plan is to go resort and backcountry skiing at/from Gulmarg and Auli. Overnight touring means carrying lots of stuff - at altitude. It might be possible if the participants have enough time for acclimatisation, otherwise it's too much like hard work. If you have any interest at all, please contact Stephen Poole, preferably via email in the first instance, and ASAP.