Here is a selection of activites from our outdoor program, taking place in the near future.

Sep 2019
Wed~25~Sep~--~Tue~1~Oct 2019Active SteepWatsons Crags ChutesNew End Date: 1/10/19 Details:Start at Guthega. ski into basecamp on Pounds Creek at co-ords GDA94 619800 5973000. or in degrees 36deg 23'00"S,148deg 19'55"E. Each morning head out for a day trip to find the steep runs nearby. I am taking my wide Alpine Touring Skis with skins. I am starting on 25/9/19. Some others are starting on 21/9/19. Come for all or part of the week.
Oct 2019
Fri~4~Oct~--~Mon~9~Sep 2019Multi day - October Long weekend+Cross country skiingHoping the snow might hold for a northern end multi day - October Long weekend+ We can do several days with flexible dates ie from Fri 4th thru to Wed 9th. Entering from the northern end and aiming for Cesjacks Hut, O'Keefes, Jagungal saddle and Derschkos Hut regions. If the snow is not sufficient we will go via Munyang to Whites, Mawsons and on to Derschkos. If all else fails we will do day trips from Jindabyne.
Fri~4~--~Thu~10 Oct~20193C Steep StrenuousHannels Spur to GuthegaOvernight snow camping ski tourHannels Spur to Guthega 6 day ski tour. Meet in Jindabyne 3pm Fri 4th Oct. Organise car shuttle to Guthega. Drive to Geehi. O/N Friday 4th Oct at Dr Forbes Hut. Depart Dr Forbes 7am Sat 5th Oct. Climb Hannels Spur. Tour over Townsend, Carruthers, Twynam, Anton, Anderson, Tate to Windy Creek. Ski down Guthega Trig ridge to Guthega, arriving Guthega pm Thurs 10 Oct for Presidents Bash starting Fri 11 Oct. Contact Andrew Stanger if interested.
Fri~11~--~Mon~14 Oct~2019Easy to adventurousPresident's bash on the Main RangeLodge based day tripsDay trips to the Main Range from Guthega Ski lodge. Suitable for independent beginners to XCD enthusiasts. A good opportunity to celebrate the 2019 season.
Jan 2020
Fri~31~Jan~--~Tue~31~Mar 2020variableIndia Skiing Late Jan/Feb to Mar 2020 (not a Nordic Ski Club trip, not covered by Club Insurance)skiingNot a Nordic Ski Club trip, not covered by Club insurance Dates: Late January/early February to March 2020. Where: Gulmarg (Kashmir), Auli (Uttarakhand), maybe Kullu Valley (Himachal Pradesh). Gulmarg is India's best ski resort, and extends from ~2800m at the base to ~4000m at the top; it's often possible to ski below 2800m, to Tangmarg. It's not far from Srinagar. Auli is near Nanda Devi, India's highest peak. Photos taken from Auli look amazing. It's near Joshimath, a bit past Rishikesh, allegedly the world yoga capital where the Beatles resided with the Maharishi decades ago. There are "ski courses" at Auli which include accommodation and full board for a very reasonable price. The Kullu has a ski touring guidebook written by Australian expat CR Spooner, and there are huge areas where ski touring could be done. Note that the skiing is above ~3200m, up to about 4500m or so. Acclimatisation to altitude is imperative, and the terrain is not flat(!). There's also a small resort at Solang. The plan is to go resort and backcountry skiing at/from Gulmarg and Auli. Overnight touring means carrying lots of stuff - at altitude. It might be possible if the participants have enough time for acclimatisation, otherwise it's too much like hard work. If you have any interest at all, please contact Stephen Poole, preferably via email in the first instance, and ASAP.