Here is a selection of activites from our outdoor program, taking place in the near future.

Nov 2017
Fri~10~--~Mon~13 Nov~2017All GradesEx Presidents Bash TripThis is a self catered lodge based trip and will be held at Southern Alps Lodge, Charlotte Pass. Planning to arrive on Friday and leave Monday morning, or shorter stays alright. Looking forward to being able to drive to the lodge, with parking opposite Pygmy Possum. Pillow slip with bed sheets and/ or sleeping bag plus towel required. Booking cost per night is seventy eight ($78) and will need to be made on SASC booking sheet.
Jan 2018
Fri~26~--~Mon~29 Jan~2018All GradesBUSHWALK OR MOUNTAIN BIKE TO DERSCHKOS HUTWalk/MTBWalk or ride into Derschkos Hut located 16km from the Round Mountain carpark in the northern end of the Kosciuszko national park in the Snowy Mountains. I am SPAN's hut maintenance officer (for Kosciuszko Huts Association) which means we will be able to take a limited number of 4WD vehicles into the hut & spend 4 days in the area (vehicles will not go beyond this point). From here it will be possible to walk or mountain bike ride to other locations like Mt Jagungal (2061m high), Grey Mare, O'Keefe's & Cesjack huts. These are all quite remote areas so having the luxury of gear transported into the area is a rare opportunity, the activity grade is as easy or hard as you want to make it! Some assistance with maintenance appreciated but not essential, all tools & materials supplied. For further information & maps showing the Derschkos area refer to - The Huts - Derschkos hut